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When I went up, the hostesses seemed surprised and I had to name drop that I spoke to the director of operations and then they realized they needed to set up the table. I was with colleagues, one birthday boy in the bunch. I would prefer they give me the information and prices upfront rather than wonder what off menu items there are and how much they are. Site by The sides...EPIC. mouth watering to the last bite, which will be at lunch tomorrow as we had plenty to take home. Had we known about it, a few of us would've ordered something from there (crab, lobster,etc). Sam’s Club gets its cotton candy grapes from Nogales, AZ-based Divine Flavors, which produces the green, seedless grapes during the months of May and June.Currently, the cotton candy … My first experience was phenomenal I came here with a friend to get a dessert which is where I tried their cake for the first time and was blown away with the flavor. My tartare was wonderful, however, the sauce was a little bit too sweet. We ordered some sushi and sashimi appetizers and they were outstanding. I highly recommend you ask for Chad as he will show you the Best time. He returned to tell me that the hostess never said that they may be on the house and so it was implied that I had lied. If you have any questions at all please feel free to ask. I can’t wait to get some this year!!! I will say, our waiter was not what you would expect from an extremely high end restaurant (only reason I couldn't give 5 stars). They normally fly off shelves. Another Stew Leonards fan? It's valet parking and then I was greeted by the friendly hosts. Cotton Candy at Nick & Sam's "One word...WOW! He topped it off with cotton candy and cake for dessert. Then, to top it all off, they brought the infamous rainbow cake and cotton candy out, which made my entire night! It is kind of like cutting a filet out of the center of a ribeye. I would definitely suggest coming here if you're looking for a special dinner! I suppose based on the cars in the parking lot with logos I don't recognize (because they are more expensive than cars I know about) I was a bit outside of my tax bracket. If I was forced to put to put together a meal and not over order, I'd go with the calamari, garbage salad and surf and turf. Something we ate definitely wasn't right and our assumption is the calamari. To show their customers, thank you for coming on your special day and celebrating with us. What are ya waiting for?! I would recommend Teck as your server! Delivery & Pickup Options - 158 reviews of Nick and Sam's Grill "Great new restaurant! Concession Express Cotton Candy Party Kits (100 Cones-Five Flavors) The side options were amazing as well. The apple crisp was absolutely delightful as well. The rush us to sit in the bar and ask us what we would like to drink. 2. They were developed over several years as a hybrid between a Concord grape from the eastern U.S. with various California varieties. Sam’s Club Is Bringing Back Grape Soda Grapes, And They’re Way Better Than Those Cotton Candy Ones Megan Schaltegger, Kristin Salaky 8/10/2020. When I looked at the glutinous excess of our dessert order I thought the only thing missing was a baby giraffe or an 80's throwback mound of cocaine. Last night our son purposed to his girlfriend here,Such a special occasion deserves a Special Place to Celebrate the Beginnings. The duck was SO TENDER. I went to the table and my friend had already ordered the deviled eggs and the veal pasta. Those do sound yummy, Thanks for commenting! Families, girls night out, guys night out, grandma's in town and needs a little pizazz in her life, really they cater to every type of group. I highly recommend anyone to Nick & Sams if you are looking for an intimate dinner with high quality food & service. But if you’re like us and love these unique grapes, you need to run to your local Sam’s Club ASAP because they’ll only be in clubs for the next three weeks or so! Though, no word on an exact date yet. Once he got closer to me I asked if it comes with cotton candy and what color options the cotton candy comes in. Which one do you shop at? However, the piano player does not arrive until 7pm (which honestly, you cannot blame him for waiting until there are more patrons).We were seated beneath a beautiful chandelier, surrounded by original artwork.Now, do not be alarmed when they come out with a huge platter of meat and describe each to you. I ordered the pork chop and fries and shoe string onion rings. Aldi’s carries these at different times of the year. Out came a sky-high slice of cake that served eight of us! Fun note - we noticed a few tables down the most impressive presentation of Alaskan king crab. I ordered off menu, the tuna tartare. The pork chop was the best I've ever had and I often order pork chops at restaurants, it was so tender and full of flavor, I already want another one. If you're not at a carnival, there's not really an excuse to add hand-spun sugar into your day. In case the Cotton Candy grapes don't quite tickle your taste buds, Moon Drop grapes will also be hitting the shelves at Sam's Club—just in time for Halloween. They have the option of regular olives or olives with blue cheese.Ed brought out complimentary Icelandic caviar with egg white, egg yolk, onions, chive, and I could not remember the was whipped egg or sour cream. From the Madagascar prawns and… The raccoon tries to wash his cotton candy, but finds it dissolves in water instantly. The appetizers will feed 3- 4 people. We tried the hot rock Wagyu for appetizer as well it was kinda cool but not worth the $24 for 2oz of steak. I had 10 oz. Nick and Sam’s is so secure in its fine dining offerings that it can play with birthday desserts and make the whole evening a delight. (Estimate $50-$100 per pe. The Registered Agent on file for this company is Sam Maggio and is located at 1022 Lee St, Benton, LA 71006. It was almost like sitting at the same table with them. Yum. And who ever heard of cotton candy … We probably had 5 wait staff stop by and say "happy anniversary." The food is too notch with filet mignon melting in your mouth like butter. Required fields are marked *. We tried the Wagyu beef for the first time and it was as buttery as the waitress said it would be. 4 45 Healthy Snacks That'll Keep You Satisfied However, when we got our food, it was nothing short of amazing. The portions are huge. That's mostly a note to my significant other, who prefers floppy bacon.Next....came the appetizers...I know, you're thinking, how were you not already in a food coma? I ordered it medium rare and it was prepared to my liking. It's a little on the pricey side but the service & experience were top notch. He took the time explain the menu and his show of the different meats was very entertaining! And that mac and cheese....I do not prefer truffle oil at all but I absolutely loved this mac and cheese. Boo hisss…. They are absolutely delicious and they have a very limited growing season, so snag some while you can! The dining room was beautiful and seemed just right for a special celebration. Not mind over matter in this case, just fact! I did see other men in jeans but they stood out as underdressed among the suits in the room. That part probably sounds over-the-top but it was presented tastefully and the table loved it.There was a nice selection of steaks and fresh seafood to choose from, and other non-beef items. Yes, you can easily spend more if you let your eyes and stomach due the ordering. Hip2Save® is a registered trademark of Hip Happenings, LLC. olive – chopin vodka, blue cheese salt, slightly dirty, blue cheese stuffed olives. At this point I am having the most uncomfortable, unwelcoming night. For us it was husband, wife and 3 kids (11,12 and 13 years old). I love  some steak and it's my birthday  so thought I'd try it out. The lobster tail was more than enough meat on its own. At this point we had been waiting over 20 minutes for my birthday cake, so we asked Skylar about it and he got the cake out to my table within 30 seconds. The company's mailing address is 1022 Lee Street, Benton, LA 71006. They gave us free champagne and on the house caviar - Uhm, can you say incredible?! Food - Started out with oysters, AMAZING. But let's talk about this ice it homemade??? Jun 7, 2019 Sam's Club. I mean club music in a steakhouse thats unheard of! After that he barley ever checked on our table therefore, it was hard for me to order the "celebration cake" which was the main reason for my visit. No surprise, this designer grape is just as delicious. Then we split the porterhouse steak  and top it off the celebration cake which came with cotton candy & ice cream on side was. Cotton candy grapes are a perfect sweet treat for when you’re trying to eat a little healthier and don’t want to turn to a sugary, packaged dessert. No content on this site may be reused in any fashion without written permission. They could stand some acoustic baffling on the ceiling, because with the crowd it was crazy loud. agave – gran patron platinum, 100 yr. anniversary grand marnier, agave nectar, fresh squeezed lemon & lime zest. Seniors this is a special place to Celebrate our special occasions too. They opened at 5pm and we were there. But it was delicious and I loved it.To end, thank you Ed and Jeff for making our special night epic. Look out for Grape Soda grapes at Sam’s Club, because they’re officially back at Sam’s Club this summer! 60 ($9.30/Item) The oysters, medium from Washington were amazing. Fabulous, but a 10 oz steak from this specialty cost you $700. Viennetta Ice Cream Cakes Are Coming Back. panna cotta, chocolate truffle, homemade marshmallow. SUCCESS! Nick & Sam's, Dallas Picture: gigantic cotton candy - Check out Tripadvisor members' 35,890 candid photos and videos of Nick & Sam's I've seen this restaurant pop up on social media and of course had to try it out. It's fine. Every dish was amazing! They offered us rack of lambs, flavorful nice and juicy and succulent. Started off with complimentary caviar & champagne . Cotton Candy Bags - Assorted Flavors 30 pack - Individual Package Big Bulk - Pastel Candy for Stocking, Treats, Party Favors, Buffet table and Pinata 4.4 out of 5 stars 1,265 $21.99 $ 21 . That was about two years ago, so ever since that visit I had been dreaming to go back. Due to COVID, it was quite nice being in a nearly empty restaurant. I debated on writing this review since the service was good but this past visit to nick & sam's they dropped the ball!!! I do remember seeing them in previous years! I was hoping that would be the worse part of the evening unfortunately not... Our waiter greeted us saying he would be back to explain the menu and comes back with a large box full of meat. The steaks were cook to our liking. Also with the cake comes a giant piece of pink cotton candy and at the bottom of the cotton candy stand is various cookies. *******My Standardized Yelp Ratings5 stars - This is for a place that I see as one of the best at what they do (steaks, sandwiches, BBQ, seafood, etc). The ones we’ve tried were a little too sweet for me, but my son likes them. From the Madagascar prawns and quail to the porterhouse and veal, every person was loving the dish and sides. Last night on 11/10/19 we spent our first anniversary at Nick & Sams and received the best customer experience we have ever had. This is for a place that should consider closing. This is probably best place I've been in Dallas to take someone for their birthday, this or Drakes. Kind of yummy. We decided to order red velvet cake for dessert and Skylar had cotton candy and extras sent to our table as well for our special occasion. It's a multi-colored layered cake with gummy bears, ice cream, and cotton candy. He was a sweet older gentleman that was SET on making our night amazing. If you’ve had them before, you know that they really do taste like cotton candy! I think Trader Joe’s carries them also. 3 stars - This is for a place that I view as standard. Well I looked past that tried to make the best of the night had a porterhouse again and appetizer plus some drinks then ordered dessert knowing that I couldn't finish it so got it boxed to go to eat next day with my coffee!! If you’ve had them before, you know that they really do taste like cotton candy! The floss sugar is sold in a variety of popular cotton candy flavours and colours. Oh and cotton candy for dessert - why not, right? Boy was I wrong! Every dish was amazing! Just south of Preston center with a "best of the best" of all of Nick and Sam's restaurants. I can't wait to go again! I didn’t think they tasted any different than regular grapes. They handed us a drink menu making it clear they expected us to pay full price to sit in the dark, with sirens going off and no ac?? Then we had some King Crab, again excellent. You must wash before eating em.they taste the same as reg grapes your mind just plays tricks on you thinking they taste like cotton candy.if it read jalapeno flavor you would think they taste like jalapeno grapes..mind over matter. Buckle up because next up....entrees...SO ordered the Tomahawk ribeye (which comes with a ton of spinach that is mediocre). Your email address will not be published. If i use different email can i use same name? If I could give them 100 stars, I would . Nothing special, nothing lousy, not a place you'd avoid like the plague, but a place that is not one you really look forward to either. Nice and juicy not to salty which was perfect. I loved the presentation of the cotton candy, which melted when the sauce was poured...though I would have preferred no sauce. Yes, we over ordered - don't judge. It was a great experience, we've tried a number of fine steakhouses throughout the country and this is one of the best for us. Each ready-to-use carton contains enough cotton candy floss sugar to make 50 serving of 28.4 g (1 oz.) Came in 2 oz slices we cooked on the hot stones they brought. One of my favorite Dallas restaurants. I ordered the center cut ribeye special because I hadn't seen one before. Our glowing cotton candy dessert was Instagram worthy.The dress code is dressy. I'll include pics to better explain, but we ordered the celebration cake, which I don't think was on the menu. This was such a great experience. He very rudely states " I don't know its whatever the chef is feeling." In conclusion, not thrilled about the experience or the service of some of the people there and probably won't return. This is a video just to show how I packaged or assembled the cotton candy items that I came up with. Just when we thought food creators had made every pumpkin-spiced food possible, Sam's Club introduced a new one: pumpkin spice cotton candy. If you're inclined to worry then you're probably not going out anyways, which is perfectly fine. Submit corrections. Yes, $5.98 for 2 pounds. The brand in this photo is from Peru, so I’m not sure if it is the exact same hybrid as the original Cotton Candy grapes. !Who should go? Shop's selection of snacks, candy & nuts for snack foods including chips, pretzels, crackers, popcorn, jerky, meat snacks, trail mix & more. Everything we ate just kept getting better. I also took my son here for his birthday! The churros were crispy on the outside and perfectly fluffy in the middle. Well, lucky for us S&N is good at more than just steaks, thank you). So I was not able to try it. The music was at the right level where you can easily hear each other talking but loud enough to enjoy and drown out the other tables' conversation.Let's now talk about the measures being taken for keeping the rona at bay. The food quality, service, price and atmosphere are all going to meet or exceed expectations. I was able to try my gfs steak. Chad layer out the evening perfectly. I haven’t tried this brand available from Sam’s, but my son just read an article for school about the original Cotton Candy flavored grapes, which are grown in California. I do not know. The avocado and fish could standalone. Read our full disclosure policy here. My daughter and I literally torn into them when we got home…and nothing…..they taste like grapes. Powered by VIP. Our waitress, Elizabeth, did a presentation of the different meat and seafood that was available that night. Me and my picky granddaughter were hooked! He learns, and finally eats the candy. Also for me, this could also be a great place that serves Pepsi products - automatic 1 star loss - bad management decision. Our server Teck was attentive and entertaining. It turns out people love fruit that’s good for you and tastes like a spun-sugar treat from the circus. The steak was a little uneven in the cooking but was overall pretty good. Sam’s Club is the place to go for these hard-to-find grapes! The taste was awesome. $20.99. Absolutely stellar experience with an amazing team of people! Trust me, it will help! Read this tutorial on how to make cotton candy balloons first. Thank you for the great memory!! The quality was actually pretty good. We had Specialty beef that I can't spell here cause spell check will change the name to Sergio? I attended Nick and Sam's this Saturday for my 21st birthday. el tesoro reposado tequila, mandarin pineapple, texas honey citrus cotton candy. I highly recommend getting the cotton candy its beyond fun. Don't Miss Out! 1. Once you join, you'll be able to save & share your favorite deals, rate posts and recipes and add items to your HipList and Cookbook! Also it seems theyre being stingy this time around and no longer give a free dessert for birthdays nor give cotton candy for free, which usually makes the birthday person feel more special . We could still hear one another, so it's not a deal breaker at all. They all go above and beyond to make sure you feel important and taken care of. Although pricey, it never disappoints. I just bought some this morning. All were plentiful and enough to share with the whole group. The store keeps the lighting dimmed I hope so it was much to my surprise when I went to eat my dessert next day and there was mold on my strawberries . Drinks were excellent, didn't taste watered down, had its fair share of alcohol. Blue Cotton Candy Bulk - Blueberry Flavor 30 pack - For Gift bags, Party favors, Buffet table for Birthday, Gifts / Big Size bag of Treats for a Great Time / Unique Soft Snacks for Kids 4.4 out of 5 stars 1,103. Absolutely a must have.Now we come to the end...we ordered old fashioneds (they actually have muddled fruit at the bottom and the nice dark, sweet cherries that I adore) and the seasonal dessert, an apple pie bake, along with the churros with horchata ice cream. We ordered the tomahawk steak to share. Money is not the issue, but more of  how they consistently value their long time diners. I finally decide to give Nick & Sam out for a friend birthday. The king crab elite has a delightful kick! The largest prawns you've ever seen, it was just shy of lobster. They should really change the seating restaurant did not really seem that busy but yet we were sat at a table where we were less than 5 feet to a couple staring right at us the whole time!! We were able to get last minute early reservations a few days before going. Menu may not be up to date. Let him do it!Anyway, let's get to the food and drinks.We started out the night with Pellegrino, Champagne, and vodka martinis (one with a twist and one dirty). Hurry on into your local Sam’s Club where you may be lucky enough to spot these Cotton Candy Grapes! My wife and I visit quite often for anniversaries and birthdays. We had the absolute best experience last night. I normally prefer sashimi from something I've caught the same day, but our server sold us that it was top notch, so we tried it and he was right. We asked him if we could get the rainbow cake because I was not aware of the name of the dessert at the time. I know...we were indulgent. Price - this place is listed as $$$$, however it's actually reasonably priced for a high end restaurant based on the portions. He was the employee who seemed to be doing a good job. As the Shamwow guy would say, but wait, there's more! You may want to call or check this item’s availability at your Club to see if they have them before heading out. If you spot these popular grapes, be sure to grab them right away as they will sell out quickly! For the two vegetarians at the table they made something individually for both that suited their particular requests which they appreciated.Wine selection was excellent with some really nice bottles. Both were just great and very flavorful,this was my first time having veal, next they brought out the free caviar, it was my first time trying caviar and I enjoyed it. Service - They made us feel so special the entire time we were there. This time service was a bit under par compared to their previous years. I bought some of those cotton candy tasting grapes at Walmart last year and they were so good! I did not know that fries could be SO DAM GOOD. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. I absolutely loved the nuts in the tartare. It was slathered in blue cheese, tomatoes, and the most perfectly cooked bacon. And I just found my new to go steak house! From the time we were seated till we left, Teck made sure to make him feel special. The guest that walked in after us was offered free champagne. cotton candy cones. If you are going for a special occasion, I highly recommend the celebration cake. From the presentation, service and food it was all great. Then we had 2 of there specialty deserts, Rainbow cake, I'll attaché a picture and Cotton Candy for our Daughter as she can not consume milk. After that our waiter continued to treat us like dirt and just left the bill on the table without saying a word no goodbye or anything. The membership-only warehouse store is selling six half-gallon packs of Gold Medal Fall Spice Flossugar, a ready-to-use premixed sugar floss with a pumpkin spice flavor, for $25.88. By Madison Flager. Hip2Save may earn a small commission via affiliate links in this post. Mixed drinks were served quickly and weren't small, or unbalanced. They’ve had these again at Meijer for the past few weeks, too! The drinks are stout and delicious. We received our food extremely fast and about 9 servers all brought it to us and served us directly. Grab while you can! Their horseradish was somewhat subtle so do not be afraid to glop that right on there and slurp your oyster right up.We are not even closed to done, yet. They tried to rectify the situation by offering a new one. Our friends usually go to, but will have to rethink our future plans. One word...WOW! She never came back to me to check so I asked the waiter to ask her because we only needed one. The food and or service is likely consistently suspect here (they probably serve Pepsi too).1 star - I can't see wasting time writing a review on a place that gets a 1 star. As it was being sliced and transferred to our plate, a serve accidentally dropped it on the table. You can order 1/2 a salad and that can easily feed two people. I was but my body still wanted more.We got the unagi (eel) roll and oysters. I was pleasantly surprised.My significant other ordered a wedge salad. My Lidl in Virginia Beach had them $3.99/lb. I didn't see JR Ewing, but I wouldn't be surprised if he was at a table in the back. Not happy about that.2) my boyfriend and I had the calamari to split and then salmon and lobster Mac and cheese. I’d assume that where the grapes are grown would affect the exact flavor even if they are grown from the same variety of vine. Hurry on into your local Sam’s Club where you may be lucky enough to spot these Cotton Candy Grapes! Everything was EPIC. Great opportunity to get dolled up. Blue Diamond Gourmet Almonds 5oz Bag Only $2.53 Shipped on Amazon, Quest Protein Cookies 12-Count Box Just $13.50 Shipped on Amazon. Dim lighting and very romantic if you're into that type of atmosphere! Took my wife here for her birthday. 2 stars - This is for a place that had something go wrong or something perpetually wrong. Prices are very pricy. Let me tell you its not a light meal. Initially when one of our guests that had eaten here before ordered it I thought it seemed odd, but honestly, it was the best fried rice I ever had. Came here for a Girls night . Nick and Sams was playing club music right outside the door which sets a great mood. But it was worth it. One host then told me that they had not change the 2 cotton candy  to 1 but she thought they were on the house and was going to check. The company's filing status is listed as Active (As Of 6/29/2017) and its File Number is 42714820K. We were quickly greeted and seated in a booth (highly recommend over a table) the table was a little too crowded with different cups, wine glass, champagne glass, etc.. very nice set up but very crowded when waiter comes out with food. they were in exact packaging as photo too!! BRB, gotta go grocery shopping. Ambiance - It was very loud but not because of the music, just the amount of people that were there. We definitely over ordered, but how can you not?! 5 star location go for a memorable experience. Some people have called it upselling, but shift your perspective. We buy the cotton candy ones @ Harry & David (Medford) & they r sooo good A lil pricey We also tried from a grocery chain (can’t remember the name) coz they were cheaper compare to the H&D ones, they tasted like regular grapes & there’s an other kind Moon Drops which we got from Fred Meyers, they r also good though pricey. It was a fun experience and an amazing meal. So fresh. Did not care for this place one bit. The cotton candy is just such a cool set up and the s'more tasted amazing. Join our large community of insiders - it's totally free! i bought them at Sam’s…but they didnt have any flavor to them…not the usual cotton candy flavor…this was kinds bitter. filet mignon with grilled asparagus and cream spinach. Went here for my birthday after a friend rsvp for dinner. Terrific customer service by waiter and buster and anyone else who came by table. Hot Rocks will be on the menu. Pricing and availability may vary by location, but we’ve spotted them at different Sam’s Clubs priced anywhere from $8.36 to $9.99 for a large 3-pound container. It was our anniversary and they made us feel special with rose petals and a few extras thrown in. Pizza from Coal Vines, steaks from Nick and Sam's Steakhouse and the other Nick and Sam's Grill. By using this site, you are agreeing to the site's terms of use. Extremely disappointing experience good food but not a welcome environment whatsoever. This place is expensive but it's pretty amazing, you probably shouldn't come with less than $500. For dessert we got the Alaska s'more and cotton candy. They were all good, but the grits and the fried rice were the best. Your waiter can advise you on size and portions. The level of excitement there and attentive service will keep us returning. The long, thin grapes are dark purple (think: eggplant) on … It's business casual. Cotton Candy Bags - Assorted Flavors 30 pack - Individual Package Big Bulk - Pastel Candy for Stocking, Treats, Party Favors, Buffet table and Pinata 4.4 out of 5 stars 1,293 $23.99 Specialties: Founded in 1999 by restaurateur Phil Romano, Nick & Sam's has become one of Dallas' most popular dining destinations. I don’t care for them but my son likes them. Needless to say he loved it. Trew Knowledge. Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on H2S Email (Opens in new window), Click to share on SMS (Opens in new window). We accidentally let that happen, but it was 100% worth it. I purchased these recently and I was very disappointed as they were bitter and left my mouth very dry, to the point of disposing the whole batch. Leaving some white spots is definitely okay!
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