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now playing My Sister Eileen (1955) -- (Movie Clip) There's Nothing Like Love. . In My Sister Eileen—overall a weak film when compared with Leonard Bernstein's theatrical version of the same materials in Wonderful Town—the two become rivals, each trying to outdo the other in an attempt to woo Eileen (Janet Leigh). Producer: Fred … 1953 : 5 (0) Kiss Me Kate Choreographer, Actor . It doesn’t look like his work at all. Editor Bob Baker (Jack Lemmon) helps them along and choreographer Bob Fosse (working on his first feature-length assignment) co-stars as one of Eileen's (many) love interests. Our light & fun newsletter arrives in your in-box every three weeks. . A cast of sincere character actors — Janet Leigh, Betty Garrett, Jack Lemon, Fosse, and Tommy Rall — populate the world of “Eileen.” And they give full throttled commitment to Fosse in his first major film-choreography credit. First up was KISS ME KATE (MGM, 1953), the Hollywood version of the Broadway show, an uneven and lumbering film despite its marvelous Cole Porter score (including the soaring “Wunderbar“). But it is Jack Lemmon . Sign up here! What's more, she can dance and sing. My Sister Eileen ran for 866 performances and in 1942 it was filmed by Columbia, with Rosalind Russell gaining an Oscar nomination for her expertly timed portrayal of Ruth. As he rushes off for vacation, he counsels her to write about things she knows rather than the artificial stories she had sent him. A little over a year after the film's release, Garrett and Parks replaced Judy Holliday and Sydney Chaplin, respectively, on Broadway for a month in the smash hit Comden-Green-Styne musical Bells Are Ringing. . Producer: Fred … Bob arrives at the apartment, professes his love for Ruth, and tells her he is publishing her stories. So well done by Fosse, seen below with the incandescent Betty Garrett, whose son Andy Parks attended the screening. And his off-hand maneuvering around Miss Garrett to shatter her resistance is grand. Ruth is, by her own account, a rather buxom young girl, to her sister's delicate beauty. Mortified, Eileen rushes out. You may like to read my description of Robert Alton’s style which is on display in “Best Things.” Description here: The choreographer of that film was Robert Alton. This is the film that started my life long love affair with the wonderful Jack Lemmon, that introduced me to the wonderful charm and comedic talents of Betty Garrett (to be further explored when I discovered her other films eg. meme‘s Debra Levine, despite delivering a talk, “Bob Fosse, Dancer,” prior to the two movie musicals (both named for ladies!) . My Sister Eileen Broadway in 1940 - My Sister Eileen . In order to calm them down, Ruth and Eileen initiate a Conga line, which rapidly evolves into a wild dance party in the street that draws the attention of the police, and everyone is arrested. On The Town). Audience Reviews for My Sister Eileen. Alton also choreographed “Choreography,” “Mandy,” “Love, You Didn’t Do Right by Me” and more. One of My Sister Eileen’s best scenes is a “challenge” dance between Tommy’s and Fosse’s characters who are vying for Eileen’s affections. During that period he married his second wife, Joan McCracken. Bob's secretary is certain Ruth's stories are not as autobiographical as she claims. Twilight Time announced that they will release the film on blu-ray on June 19, 2018. Another film I first saw on B&W TV during a sweltering summer at my grandmother’s in Spanish Harlem, My Sister Eileen left so little impression on me in 1972 I had virtually no memory of it. The horrible digs, sleazy start-up jobs, and true grit of young girls in New York rings super true. Thus, in short order My Sister Eileen would seem as irrelevant as Moon Over Miami. Based on a novel, the original “My Sister Eileen” premiered in 1942 starring Rosalind Russell as Ruth and Janet Blair as Eileen. When newspaper reporter Chick Clark overhears Frank telling Eileen about an audition, he claims to know the show's producer and assures her he can get her an interview with him. "[6], In his review of the DVD release of the film, Steve Daly of Entertainment Weekly graded it B. What sources are those sources? What matters here is that the Verdon Fosse Legacy states that Fosse was not on the film. It stars Janet Leigh, Betty Garrett, and Jack Lemmon. Music. While the more conventionally beautiful and confident aspiring actress Eileen has men fawning over her immediately, Ruth toils away writing sappy romances that are always rejected by handsome editor Bob Baker (Lemmon, in an appealing early role). As far as musical remakes of dramas and comedies go, this one is pretty bad. My review: If it wasn’t for my Musical Monday feature, I would not have ever watched “My Sister Eileen” (1955) a second time. They become acquainted with their neighbor Ted Loomis, an athlete who lives with his fiancée Helen. Chick comes to the apartment, and is thrown out by Ted when Eileen needs help fending off the reporter's advances. It stars Janet Leigh, Betty Garrett, and Jack Lemmon. 10 iconic movie-musical dances, according to a Broadway choreographer. My Sister Eileen is a 1942 American comedy film directed by Alexander Hall and starring Rosalind Russell, Brian Aherne and Janet Blair.The screenplay by Joseph A. Helen sees Ted comforting Eileen, and mistakenly assumes the worst. Frank arrives with a box of chocolates for Eileen, Ted, and Helen reconcile, and the sisters decide to remain in New York. A fun technicolor musical and childhood favourite. Every thing to the contrary must be proven. My Sister Eileen (Original, Play, Comedy, Broadway) opened in New York City Dec 26, 1940 and played through Jan 16, 1943. It also has Bob Fosse in his first position as the film’s primary choreographer. As does the girl’s best friend, Frank Lippencott, played by Mr. Fosse, not as the “soda jerk” he truly is, but as a ‘drugstore manager.’ Fosse shines in this film acting, singing, dancing … and in his easy-peasy choreography, particularly the gazebo dance (ahem, wherefore the gazebo in New York City?). My Sister Eileen ★★★ 1955Ruth and Eileen are two small-town Ohio sisters who move to Manhattan seeking excitement. Starring: Janet Leigh, Bob Fosse, Betty Garrett, Jack Lemmon. Frank is in love with her but, mistakenly thinking Ted lives with the girls, accuses Eileen of being a bohemian and departs. Dance history happened when Fosse, then a contract dancer working for choreographer Hermes Pan, got the go-ahead to fashion his own duet with Carol Haney for “From This Moment On.” A choreographer was born. His adept cast has full dancing cred, as it includes Garrett (who studied and danced with Martha Graham), Janet Leigh (who had a movie musical follow-up in Bye Bye Birdie), and the great film dancer Tommy Rall. My Sister Eileen is a series of autobiographical short stories by Ruth McKenney, originally published in The New Yorker, which eventually inspired many other works: My Sister Eileen (a 1938 book), a play, a musical, a radio play (and an unproduced radio series), two motion pictures, and a CBS television series in the 1960–1961 season. From a play: My Sister Eileen by Joseph Fields and Jerome Chodorov. Ruth, the more serious and more sensible of the two, aspires to be a writer, while the younger and more attractive Eileen dreams of achieving success as an actress. My Sister Eileen Choreographer, Actor . These are essential talents in this production, in which Miss Leigh . Writers: Blake Edwards; Richard Quine. [She] has the proper skepticism and the right desperation for the role. With Janet Leigh, Jack Lemmon, Betty Garrett, Bob Fosse. A lightweight musical w/o much of a plot (2 small town women try to make it in New Yawk) but still interesting for a coupla reasons. All mixed in on arts•meme. Meanwhile, after finding herself the target of unwanted advances from a theatre producer, Eileen goes to the local Walgreens for lunch. The original Broadway production of My Sister Eileen opened on Dec 26, 1940. Based on a novel, the original “My Sister Eileen” premiered in 1942 starring Rosalind Russell as Ruth and Janet Blair as Eileen. Comparing this version to the 1942 original, he said it "seems a testament to '50s feminist backlash. IMDb, the world's most popular and authoritative source for movie, TV and celebrity content. subscribe | contact us | advertise | terms of use | privacy | design by i*net systems© 2021 arts•meme — All Rights Reserved. Even the musical numbers had to be positioned at different places in the storyline.[3]. Bob Fosse, dancer, at UCLA Film & Television Archive, Mere mortals to evoke Verdon & Fosse, giants of…, Bob Fosse ‘wunderbar’ in MY SISTER EILEEN at retrospective, Go-To Essays: ‘America’s Dance Treasures’, academy of motion picture arts & sciences, Adieu ~ till we meet again, Jack Rutberg Fine Arts, To the gardens! My Sister Eileen (1955) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. 'My Sister Eileen' is just what the doctor ordered. Intrigued, Bob asks her for a date, but Ruth declines, and later tells Eileen she finds him dull and unattractive. No one has shown evidence to the contrary and I have tons of evidence that Fosse was not involved. The film tells of two naive Ohio sisters settling in Greenwich Village to pursue their dream careers in the big city. screened on August 25, 2018 at UCLA Film & Television Archive’s “Fosse, Fosse, Fosse!” retrospective. Aldo Ray turned down his part of Ted as being too small and it was given to Dick York, a Columbia contract star. Three Stooges brief appearance at the end of the movie "My Sister Eileen". my sister eileen delivers very well in terms of quirky dance numbers, with absurdly complex choreography, of easily forgettable, but happiness-inducing songs, and of atmosphere, by using the new york of dreamers who are trying to "make it" as a backdrop. Soda fountain manager Frank Lippencott lends her a sympathetic ear and offers his assistance, assuring her many theatrical people eat at the counter. I appreciate McKenney's sense of humor most of the time. Some sources say that Fosse worked uncredited on CHRISTMAS, and point to “The Best Things Happen While You’re Dancing,” which looks like his work. He invites her to dinner to discuss the publication of a story, and when he tries to kiss her she runs off, suggesting she may be less experienced than her stories suggest. From a play: My Sister Eileen by Joseph Fields and Jerome Chodorov. IMDb, the world's most popular and authoritative source for movie, TV and celebrity content. As a result, this was Garrett's first screen appearance since On the Town six years earlier. Not confirming or denying, just sayin’. . . My Sister Eileen is a book of stories of two sisters from Ohio in the 1920s and 30s and the shenanigans they get into. The Technicolor My Sister Eileen (1955) is the musical film based on the Ruth McKenney stories that inspired the earlier movie comedy My Sister Eileen (1942) and the Broadway musical Wonderful Town. is particularly nimble on her legs — and for which Mr. Styne and Mr. Robin have dished up some apt and lively songs . Fields and Jerome Chodorov adapted their 1940 play for Wonderful Town, with lyrics by Betty Comden and Adolph Green and music by Leonard Bernstein. There is nothing Fosse in this movie, and Bob Fosse was not even in Los Angeles when it was filmed. Screenwriter/director Richard Quine, who had portrayed Frank Lippincott in the 1940 stage play and the 1942 screen adaptation,[3] originally cast Judy Holliday in the role of Ruth Sherwood. It is in anamorphic widescreen format with audio tracks in English and Portuguese and subtitles in Japanese. Back My Sister Eileen. . Ruth claims her sister is simply a product of her imagination and the experiences she described actually are her own. When the actress got into a contract dispute with the studio, she was replaced by Betty Garrett, who had been essentially, but not officially, blacklisted due to her marriage to Larry Parks, a one-time member of the Communist Party, who had been forced to testify before the House Un-American Activities Committee. My Sister Eileen focuses on Ruth and Eileen Sherwood, sisters from Ohio who moved to New York City to pursue their respective careers. My Sister Eileen (22-Sep-1955) Director: Richard Quine. My Sister Eileen was the first time Fosse both performed in and choreographed a film. The flick, a Columbia Pictures adaptation of the source material of Broadway’s “Wonderful Town,” with new (and markedly forgettable) songs by Jule Styne and Leo Robin, followed the 1942 Rosalind Russell version also made at Columbia. My Sister Eileen is a 1955 American CinemaScope comedy musical film directed by Richard Quine. According to Kevin Boyd Grubb in Razzle Dazzle: The Life and Work of Bob Fosse, "Fosse's choreography bolstered even the weaker songs" in My Sister Eileen. Film’s most renowned number in “Eileen” is the testosterone-charged “Alley Dance,” in which Fosse challenges, and to my eye, outdances the estimable Rall, making the number an illustration of the future dancing with the past. My Sister Eileen (Original, Play, Comedy, Broadway) opened in New York City Dec 26, 1940 and played through Jan 16, 1943. Unaware it was Chick, who made the call in order to ensure being alone with Eileen, she rushes off. My Sister Eileen is an American situation comedy based on a series of autobiographical short stories by Ruth McKenney originally published in The New Yorker, as well as the 1940 play and 1942 and 1955 film adaptations which they inspired.. The series premiered at 9 p.m. ET/PT on CBS on October 15, 1960 and ran for one season of twenty-six episodes, the last of which was telecast on April 12, 1961. The Twilight Time Blu-ray of My Sister Eileen is a stunningly good encoding of a movie that was rediscovered in the 1990s when it came out on letterboxed laserdisc — previously it had been an unwatchable grainy pan-scan mess, chopped up with TV commercials. My Sister Eileen is a 1955 American CinemaScope comedy musical film directed by Richard Quine. Dance. A choreographer was born. Thus, in short order My Sister Eileen would seem as irrelevant as Moon Over Miami. Lemmon is charming and even sings a song, but dancers Bob Fosse and Tommy Rail steal the show with their amazing choreography. [5], As Soon As They See Eileen — Performed by Betty Garrett, I'm Great — Performed by Betty Garrett, Janet Leigh, Kurt Kaszner and Dick York, There's Nothin' Like Love — Performed by Bob Fosse and Janet Leigh, It's Bigger Than You and Me — Performed by Jack Lemmon, Give Me a Band and My Baby — Performed by Betty Garrett, Janet Leigh, Bob Fosse and Tommy Rall, Conga — Performed by Betty Garrett, Janet Leigh, Kurt Kaszner and the Brazilian Navy, Bosley Crowther of The New York Times observed, "Happily let it be stated that Miss Garrett and Miss Leigh are okay. Ruth aspires to be a writer, while Eileen hopes to achieve success as an actress. Ted asks the girls if he can stay with them while Helen's mother visits and Eileen agrees despite Ruth's uncertainty. Not a wrong move.”, The movie’s finale (spoiler alert) is a hilarious encounter between Betty Garrett and a platoon of Brazilian sailors, staged by Fosse as Keystone Kops comedy, in which the gorgeous-hunk Brazilians are set ablaze by a single word, “Conga!”. The following day, Ruth receives a phone call asking her to cover the arrival of the Brazilian Navy for the local paper. As far as musical remakes of dramas and comedies go, this one is pretty bad. [8], For the 1942 film starring Rosalind Russell, see, Oh Dad, Poor Dad, Mamma's Hung You in the Closet and I'm Feelin' So Sad,, Pages using infobox film with unknown empty parameters, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 15 December 2020, at 19:37. 1955 : 8 (0) Give a Girl a Break Actor . Skip to main content Skip to footer site map. Bob returns from vacation and meets with Ruth to tell her his favorite stories are about Eileen and her romantic misadventures. Then came the discovery of the evening: how delightful, lithe, appealing, and talented a star in a major speaking role was Robert Louis Fosse, aka Bob, in MY SISTER EILEEN (1955). Footnote: Not to belabor but for the record: artsmeme restates its concurrence with the Verdon Fosse Legacy that Bob Fosse had no involvement — as dancer, choreographer, choreographer’s assistant, or dance-in — in White Christmas. Directed by Richard Quine. "[7], Sony Pictures Home Entertainment released the film on Region 1 DVD on February 22, 2005. Plucky, starry-eyed sisters Ruth (Garrett) and Eileen (Leigh) leave Ohio and move to New York to seek their fortunes. with the Isadora Duncan Dance Company, Witty Ruth and pretty Eileen Sherwood, sisters from Columbus, Ohio, relocate to New York City and settle in a rundown basement studio apartment in a Greenwich Village building owned by Papa Appopolous. My Sister Eileen is gay and bouncing. In 1953, Joseph A. . Fields and Jerome Chodorov is based on their 1940 play of the same title, which was inspired by a series of autobiographical short stories by Ruth McKenney originally published in The New Yorker.
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